With so many dog product reviews out there, mostly on what tools are suited for grooming, and the wellbeing of your pup, here comes one on a toy. Not only are chew bones toys for dogs; they also provide health benefits among other things. The main benefit is dental health.

There are dog toothbrushes and toothpaste out there for extra cleaning and added effect, but for day-to-day upkeep for your pup’s gums, chew bones are a great alternative. What other benefits can chew bones provide? We’ll answer those questions as we take a deeper look at the top 10 chew bones available to you.

For those of us who have had our pets since day one, we know how much our furniture and favorite toys and shoes suffer when they have the urge to chew. Chew bones can help relieve that natural need and save us money on replacing things around the house.

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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “Supervise your pet when you give them a new bone of any kind. Also, make sure you purchase a bone that is recommended for the size dog you have. Large dogs can very easily swallow bones made for small dogs.”

Got a new puppy? We’ve reviewed the best chewable toys for puppies!

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1. Pet Parents Gnawtlers

Pet Parents Gnawtlers

The name of this product resembles the word ‘antler’ for a reason. Yes, you guessed it; these are actually real raw elk antlers. Before you skip ahead to option number two, let me take the time to explain the benefits of this item. These antlers are sorted, weighed, cut and sanded before they reach your pet’s mouth.

The marrow inside the antlers is packed with calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc. These are all minerals that have countless health benefits such as strengthening bones and helping with digestive issues. Don’t worry about the cruelty behind the production of the Gnawers. Animal brands are also animal lovers, so the antlers from Pet Parents only come from ones that have naturally fallen from the elk.

+ Includes healthy minerals
+ Cruelty-free
+ No odor, no mess
+ 100% money-back guarantee
+ All natural

Why We Like It – Putting something natural into our pet’s bodies will definitely be safer than the other processed options. Not only are these antlers carefully sourced, but they are also vacuum sealed to prevent contact with contaminants during transport.

2. Benebone Maplestick

Benebone Maplestick

As the name suggests, yes, this stick is made of wood, 100% USA-sourced real maple wood in fact. This chew bone is 100% produced in the USA from packaging, tooling and all ingredient and material sourcing. The shape of the Maple stick is specially designed for your dog to have an easy chew, without having to chase after it around the house. The angles on both ends make it easy for your pup to lock it in.

Benebone takes into consideration dogs’ powerful sense of smell. They developed a long-lasting durable bone that is packed with scent and flavor to hook your dog onto it right as you unpackage it.

+ Durability
+ Appealing scent and flavor
+ Careful production
+ Considerate design
+ Carefully sourced

Why We Like It – The flavor of this chew bone is irresistible to canines. A lot of products might appeal to dogs but won’t hold up in the long run. With the careful construction of this product using real maple wood, this bone really holds up well and does not break or splinter, risking your dog’s safety.

3. SmartBones SmartSticks

SmartBones SmartSticks

What worries a lot of dog owners is the safety of their pets, and rightly so. What our pets put into their bodies is much more important than what they put on their bodies. A lot of the chew toys out there will splinter or crack or even break and can injure your pup without proper supervision. Believe it or not, no toy is indestructible but there are some toys that are very tough!

The SmartBones SmartStick is 99% digestible, so even if a part of it does work its way into your dog’s stomach, there is nothing to worry about. Aside from being edible, this product is 100% rawhide free and vitamin and mineral enriched. Of course, there are different flavors to choose from to ensure your dog will be attracted to at least one of them.

+ 99% digestible
+ Rawhide free
+ Multiple flavors
+ Low in fat and more nutritional value
+ Vitamin and mineral enriched

Why We Like It – Smartbones follows strict U.S quality control protocols. Not only is this option healthy and enriches your dog with more nutritional value than the average product, but it is also safe. With their many different flavors, you can feel safe feeding these chew bones to your dog.

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4. Nylabone Power Chew DuraChew

Nylabone Power Chew DuraChew

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This chew bone focuses more on the teeth of your furry friend rather than the health benefits. If curbing your dog’s chewing urge is your goal, then this is the product choice for you! Made from tough and durable nylon material, this bone can even satisfy the toughest chewers out there.

The raised nubs and ridges can clean teeth and helps control plaque and tartar buildup at the same time. They also added in a little flavoring to help with the appeal of the toy. Who doesn’t like bacon flavor, am I right? Every dog has a different way of chewing, and Nylabone makes chew toys in different flavors, shapes, sizes, and textures to satisfy your needs.

+ Extremely durable
+ Cleans teeth
+ Different size options
+ Prevents plaque and tartar
+ Flavored

Why We Liked It – For those of us looking for a toy geared towards teeth protection, this option has it all. Being made of very durable material, we don’t have to worry about accidental digestion and can leave this with our pet to prevent boredom.

Puppies would be better off with one of these bones for puppies.

5. Zuke’s Z-Bone

Zuke’s Z-Bone

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Doggy breath can be an unpleasant thing. It’s always adorable when your pet pal licks you with affection, but sometimes their breath can be unbearable. Look no more as Zuke’s Z-Bone has a solution to your problem. Other than fighting doggy breath, this bone-shaped chew toy also helps clean your dog’s teeth.

All of the healthiest ingredients are mixed into this product without corn, wheat, soy or gluten. Coming in a wide variety of flavors, plus the healthy ingredients, you can be sure your dog is getting a wholesome treat. The careful packaging and sizing options are also catered to dogs of specific sizes, so make sure you read the label!

+ Fights bad breath
+ Cleans teeth
+ Multiple flavor options
+ Wholesome ingredients
+ Multiple size options

Why We Like It – A lot of other products out there forget that doggy breath can be a debilitating factor when it comes to cuddling our pets. With a focus on squashing this issue, and being made with healthy ingredients, this is a great choice to combat bad breath and protect teeth.

6. Pedigree Dentastix

Pedigree Dentastix

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Pedigree is a well-known brand that has always made quality pet products. Their Dentastix is tried and true and I’ve even given them to my fur babies. The triple-action chews help fight against bad breath, cleans teeth and reduce plaque and tartar buildup. All of these benefits are clinically proven.

These chew sticks come in four different flavors guaranteed to keep your pet smiling every day. On the physical side of things, these chew toys can also help exercise your pet’s jaws and release tension. Feed one to your dog every day for maximum benefits.

+ Triple action
+ Clinically proven
+ Four flavors
+ X design to clean teeth
+ Manufactured in the USA and Canada

Why We Like It – These compact treats make it a perfect portion size for your dog without any extras lying around. Look for the best size for your pooch and feed them one a day for the maximum results.

7. Petstages Dogwood

Petstages Dogwood

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Here is another wood treat for your best pal. 100% authentic wood-made chew sticks aren’t always the best choice. Wood is easy to splinter and could possibly contain toxic elements if not treated properly. These sticks contain 30% natural wood making them more durable and non-toxic.

Although not entirely made of natural wood, they have a wood smell that dogs love, that seems to take them back to their roots and being outdoors. These can help curb the chewing habit, but remember to find the right size suitable for your pooch’s mouth. If you feel the wood flavor doesn’t entice your pup, they also come in a mesquite BBQ flavor.

+ Different sizes
+ Extremely durable
+ Safe and non-toxic
+ Curbs chewing behavior
+ Made in the USA

Why We Like It – This chew toy couples natural with synthetic materials together to produce the perfect balance of longevity and practicality. When it curbs your dog’s chewing habit, you will see this product as a money and furniture saver as well.

8. Nylabone Dura Chew Textured

Nylabone Dura Chew Textured

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You know this brand makes quality products when they make it on our list twice. This bone is more suited for larger dogs due to how strong and tough it is. Like the previous product we introduced, this bone also has different patterns of bristles used to really get in the tougher to reach places.

It acts like a toothbrush, removing plaque and preventing tartar buildup. These are natural chews that come in delicious flavors to satisfy any appetite or preference your dog may have. Dogs may chew on things for a variety of reasons, some including boredom, teething, and even stress and anxiety. Throw your dog a bone, and help improve whatever issues it may be going through.

+ Multiple flavors
+ Multiple textures
+ Cleans teeth and gums
+ Prevents plaque and tartar buildup
+ Extremely tough

Why We Like It – Dogs can have nervous antics just like we can. A lot of them resort to destroying or shredding anything they can get their teeth into. This bone is made to combat their anxiety and stress or any emotional issue while getting in the tough to reach places inside their mouths.

9. Brazilian Pet Premium Thick Cut Chips

Brazilian Pet Premium Thick Cut Chips

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This is quite a unique choice. If you look at the picture, they do not resemble any of the other options we have listed. They come in the form of wood chips! How cool is that? They are not wood chips, however, they are actually rawhide. Made from the toughest layer of the hide, the top layer, it is ideal for heavy chewers. You might think it’s easy for something of this shape to get lodged in your dog’s throat or teeth, but there are actually no small pieces in the packaging. They are also very flexible and not brittle, and gradually wear away in time. On the healthy side of things, they are low in fat with no additives and are hypoallergenic.

+ Wholegrain chips
+ High concentration of collagen
+ 100% natural
+ Does not chip
+ Non-greasy and no smell

Why We Like It – This is a great choice if you don’t want any excess crumbs or residue leftover from chew toys around your house. They are made with care and don’t irritate your dog’s stomach while caring for their teeth.

10. Chipper Critters All Natural Medium Whole Elk Antler

Chipper Critters All Natural Medium Whole Elk Antler

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Here is another elk antler option. A lot of people might not be used to this idea of your dog gnawing on a part of another animal. But these antler chews are a really healthy alternative to bones, sticks and rawhide options.

With bone marrow providing calcium and other healthy minerals, this is really an excellent natural source. Of course, like the first option, these antlers are also cruelty-free made with antlers that the elk have naturally shed. These are 100% natural antlers that are sized appropriately for your dog, so make sure you get the right size!

+ 100% natural
+ Cruelty-free
+ Good source of minerals
+ Long lasting
+ Minimal mess

Why We Like It – Chipper Critters uses whole antlers rather than split antlers. Whole antlers have less of a chance of splintering and last longer than split antlers. They also stand by their products and offer a full refund if you or your dog aren’t satisfied.

Dog Chew Bones Buyers Guide

I don’t think I’ve come across this many options with such unique differences when it comes to chewing bones. There are so many things to consider, but of course, safety is always first. You also want your dog to be engaged in the toy for as long as possible, or it could just be money down the drain, and we know dog products don’t come cheap.

One thing I can be sure of is, the next chew bone you buy, could be your biggest ally when you’re out of the house and leaving your furry friend at home for a few hours. If you’re lucky, your baby will be amused with a small toy with a treat stuffed in the middle, but if not, these bones are a lifesaver. We must pay extra attention when it comes to things our dogs might digest. When choosing your next bone, keep in mind some of these pointers below.

What to look for when buying chew bones?


Some dog parents think they’ll get a bigger size for their smaller pooch because it will last longer. I’m here to say that bone size matters a lot. A smaller dog could struggle with a really tough chew bone and break their teeth if they aren’t careful. A big dog with a small bone won’t fare any better. A big dog can chew through a small bone as if it was candy, or worse, it could be a choking hazard. Most chew bones come in different sizes; make sure you get the one that best suits your furry buddy.

Take your dog’s condition into account

If your dog’s teeth are more brittle than the average dog, I’d suggest looking for a softer chew bone or chew toy. If your pup has a strong jaw and can chew clean through all your furniture, getting a durable toy would be the best option. Does your dog suffer from gingivitis or gum problems? Choosing a bone that targets your pet’s specific issues is the best way to go.


Do not cheap out on something that goes into your dog’s body. Cheap material is usually less durable, which means tit could chip and splinter more easily and cause bigger safety issues. Be on the lookout for where it’s manufactured. Unfortunately, that fact is of great importance. Countries like the US have stricter manufacturing laws, which guarantee better safety and less risk.


Dogs love to eat and chew on things, but some dogs do have a taste or even texture preference. Pick the bone or chew toy that is filled with their favorite flavor(s). This mostly mirrors their preferred flavor of food. One other factor to be aware of is potential allergies. Make sure you read the labels carefully!

Which Chew Bones are Best for My Dog?

To answer the question above, you must take into consideration all the tips given above. If you have a Chihuahua, for example, a small bone with softer material packed with its favorite flavor used mostly to freshen its breath (if that is the issue) would be the best choice.

Dog Chew Bone Safety Info

As they always say, safety is number 1. It’s almost inevitable a piece of the chew bone will end up in your dog’s belly. Choosing one that’s labeled easily digestible is a smart move. If you end up choosing non-edible chew toys, try to get one that’s bigger than your dog’s mouth that doesn’t have small or breakable parts.

Any bone, natural or manufactured can be a choking hazard. You should always supervise your dog while they gnaw away and take away the bone when it’s worn down to a size small enough to be swallowed.

Ask your trusted vet how many chew bones should be fed to your dog. The general rule is the smaller the dog, the fewer chews it needs.

Another important tip to keep in mind is to give your dog the bone or toy after they’ve already eaten. Hungry dogs are more likely to try and devour the bone in any way possible, which could cause potential injury. A dog that’s satiated will enjoy the whole process while getting oral care treatment.

One last reminder, dogs are territorial animals, especially when it comes to food. Isolating your dog if you have multiple pooches is a great way to ensure they won’t try to gulp down large pieces in one go.


Dogs are like children. They need to be supervised 80% of the time. Even when they are laying silently with a toy nestled in their front paws; they are still in potential danger. It’s helpful to make a checklist of all the characteristics you should look for in a chew bone on your next visit to the pet store. We can only do the best we can by choosing the right bone, taking into consideration the size, material, function, and taste.  Make sure they are in your line of vision and fully fed before they chow down on this treat. Look at the chew bone not as a snack, but more of a supplement and for oral hygiene care. Good luck with your next purchase!

Expert Tip

Some of our fur children could be problem chewers. Instead of enjoying the process, they try to devour the bone and get satisfaction from a full tummy. Other than feeding them the bone after meal times, another good trick is to get them a larger bone (but not too large). And for the more aggressive chewers, definitely opt for a softer bone to protect their teeth.

Did You Know

There is a big controversy on rawhide. Let’s just say chemicals are involved in their manufacturing and if they are digested by any chance, there could be an obstruction in your dog’s intestines and lead to very serious health and safety issues. This might carry your thoughts over to antlers, are they a good choice? Antlers really last and they are the more natural choice compared to rawhide. So if you are looking for something naturally sourced, antlers trump rawhide.

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