New furry family members are very similar to babies. They are curious, energetic and do not know the difference between a pillow and something potentially hazardous. Just as you would baby-proof your home for your toddler, the same would go for your fur baby.

It’s your job to make sure they are in a safe environment, and to do that you need to make sure you inspect every corner of your house. In today’s article, we are going to walk you through all the necessary steps to take to ensure a safe environment for your puppy to live and thrive.

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How To Puppy-Proof Your Home

Get into the Mind of Your Pup

See the world from your pup’s point of view. Even if it involves getting down on your hands and knees, give it a try. Crawl around and see what would catch their interest. Maybe there are tassels hanging from the tablecloths or electrical cords running along the ground, these are all examples of things you need to keep out of their reach. Go around your house, into every room and inspect everything thoroughly.


Dog on a bed

We are now going to walk you through the entire house and give you tips on what to look out for in every room. Dogs love you and they are sensitive to smells. It’s only natural they would want to spend time on your bed and in your clothes. To keep them from destroying your high-end clothing and shoes, do not leave anything on the floor.

Keep everything that you care about out of reach and choking hazards should be kept and locked safely in drawers. Cords should be kept off the ground or away from your pup with the Safety 1st Power Strip Cover and any place you won’t want your puppy to lodge himself in should be blocked off.

Safety 1st Power Strip Cover

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Try looking into the North States MyPet Paws Portable Pet Gate.

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Living Space

The living areas take up the most space in your house, and it is probably where your guests would spend the most time. We would advise you to check for visible cords in any area of the house first as they tend to take over the house and electrical outlets. Next, think of all the items you keep in these rooms that look good for puppies to chew on. Loose items should be something to look out for. If you by chance have expensive pillows, throws or rugs, make sure to keep them out of reach. Some people even go as far as to buy puppy-proof couches and couch covers!

The Bathroom


One of your dog’s favorite places to be, you need to pay extra attention to the bathrooms. We have tons of tools and knick-knacks in the bathroom including razors, toothbrushes, combs brushes, aerosol cans, etc. Not to mention all the toxic chemicals he or she could ingest by accident. Again, you should keep everything out of reach and no loose objects should be on the ground.

I’m sure you have seen dogs drinking out of the toilet in movies, but they actually love to do that. To keep this from happening, keep the toilet lid down or even place a lock on the lid like the Safety 1st Swing Shut Toilet Lock.

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Dogs love to go through garbage and pull out anything with strong smells. Knowing this, it’s best to use doggy-proof trash cans.


We take it back, the kitchen might be your pup’s favorite place. With all the puppy food, smells and edible scraps, how could we forget about this part of the house? Definitely keep all the drawers and cupboards closed. Perhaps even use those babyproofing locks for the cabinet doors to keep your pup from getting inside by using the Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Child Safety Lock:

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The garbage can in the kitchen is even more inviting than the ones in the bathroom. Using a doggy proof trash can like the simplehuman 50-liter step trash can in this room would be your smartest move. Even think about placing it inside a cabinet on the off chance your smart pooch manages to bypass the lid.

simplehuman 50-liter step trash can

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The Yard

If you have a yard accessible to your pup, then your puppy proofing efforts need to be taken outside. Obvious items to remove would be gardening tools, your hose, and any insecticides and poison for pests. Secure all these harmful chemicals in closed cabinets or drawers. One more thing to look out for that may easily slip your mind would be planted.

Some common plants and flowers are actually poisonous to your dog, these include:
Buttercups, chrysanthemums, daffodils, ivy, lilies, morning glory, and tulips. If you have any of these flowers in your house you should also keep them out of reach.

Office/Reading Room

In a room where you study or do your work, there could be potential choking hazards and sharp objects. Definitely watch out for wires and potentially dangerous potted plants. Next, you should look for small loose items like paperclips, rubber bands, pencils, staples, and of course, paper. Any sort of decorative items that have sharp edges, or you don’t want to be ruined should also be removed or placed up high.


If you have the time and cash, opting for dog proof covers for your furniture would save you trouble. Cleaning supplies such as bleach, carpet cleaners and more are deadly to humans and dogs alike, so keep those locked in a broom closet with locks that could be hard for even you to get open. If you have a medicine cabinet, this should also be securely closed or locked at all times. Pups have strong jaws that can break through the plastic bottles and terrible things can stem from that. Remember to opt for doggy proof trash cans, ones with a sensor or locked lids.

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Just a few simple things to remember, keep nothing on the floor you wouldn’t want to be destroyed. All toxic chemicals and harmful objects should be kept out of reach. Keep all cabinet doors, shelves and drawers closed and locked if possible. Some tips are quite obvious and if you have ever baby-proofed you would know what to do.

However, some things might not be common knowledge, like how some plants could have detrimental effects on your dog’s health. Treat your fur baby like a member of the family and view the world from their perspective.

Expert Tip

To give yourself a break and ease your anxiety, create a puppy-safe free zone where you can leave your pup unattended. This is to give your puppy free reign of a space where he can feel uninhibited and for you to busy yourself with household chores without worrying about keeping an eye on him. Perhaps considering using the IRIS Pet Playpen.

IRIS Pet Playpen

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Did You Know

If you have a cat as well as a dog, you have to keep your pooch out of the litter box at all costs. Dogs do not view feces the same way we do, and some might even take a bite out of it – it’s gross but true. This unfortunate truth extends to cat feces as well. It could harm your pup’s system and cause a slew of other health problems if ingested, so make sure the litter box is kept in an area of the house that is completely off limits and inaccessible to your dog.

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