Dogs, just like human beings are affected by anxiety and it is very normal but not such an impressive sight. It is very hard for a person who owns a pet to watch it deteriorate both physically in terms of health. Anxiety symptoms in dogs can be really heartbreaking.

CBD has proven that it can offer dogs quick and natural relief from such pain. It also has the capability of dealing with the adverse side effects associated with the condition. If you’re thinking of utilizing CBD in the treatment of anxiety, you are where you need to be.

We shall go through an analysis of what anxiety is all about, its symptoms and the non-toxic ways to deal with it. This is in relation to whatever condition the dog may be suffering from. Lastly, we shall go through CBD as well as how it offers natural remedies to anxiety for dogs.

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Understanding  Anxiety

Before I offer the details on how CBD works to effectively eliminate anxiety, it is also important to understand what CBD is. In the following phase, we shall explore anxiety and the ways in which it is likely to affect a dog.

What is Anxiety?

Black dog with anxiety

It is common for dogs as it is for humans to experience  anxiety sometimes in their lives. All these conditions are a natural way of responding to triggers. It is normal for dogs to deal with anxiety because when it occurs to them it has longer effects than in human beings and therefore, they suffer major consequences.

Most people often view the life of a dog as a simple one, but it is also marred with a lot of complications. Their lives are almost similar to those of human beings. Anxiety that is based on withdrawal has shown to be very common to dogs.

Statistically, it has been proven that more than a quarter percent of dogs have to deal with such conditions. It is also common for dogs to experience different kinds of anxiety conditions.

Dogs undergo abuse, both mentally and physically and therefore are exposed to fear and other types of conditions associated with the same. Dogs are commonly affected by environmental conditions which may cause them fears and certain types of phobias. The change in environment is one of the contributing factors to anxiety in dogs.

For instance, the change in habitat for dogs may affect their survival because they are introduced to a new family of strangers and other new animals. Aged dogs are also prone to anxiety attacks which may affect their memory as well as their ability to learn. Their acuity and ability to be aware of the environment is also largely affected.

What symptoms in dogs show the presence of anxiety?

Anxiety affects dogs in a number of ways. Anxiety is usually represented in different ways and it also depends on the type of dog. This makes it very hard for one to notice the symptoms and as such, hard to make a diagnosis.

Common signs associated with anxiety are inclusive of:

  • Panting
  • Pacing
  • Whining as well as whimpering
  • Trembling
  • Fidgeting
  • Barking
  • Aggression

Dogs that show withdrawal signs commonly exhibit negative behavior such as urinating and defecating inside the house. They do so even when they have been trained on how to use the  toilet.

Other common types of signs that indicate that a dog is suffering from anxiety are inclusive of:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Anti-social behavior such as isolation from other dogs or humans.
  • Displacement behavior, this includes shaking, licking their lips or even yawning.

The symptoms may also extend to having difficulties in learning while at the same time having high levels of sensitivity to external factors.

It is very common for dogs to be termed as stubborn and aggressive but in essence, they are suffering from anxiety.

Traditional Anxiety  Treatments

There is no sure way of approaching the issues surrounding the anxious behavior in dogs. Veterinarians and animal specialists usually take the time to diagnose a dog and determine what they are dealing with and decide on a treatment plan.

Training a dog’s behaviors is the initial step taken in coping with anxiety. The goal of the treatment is to transform the behavioral patterns of a dog from bad to good. This involves the efforts of every member of a given household.

However, for given dogs, training them in behaviors is not enough to help them deal with their anxiety. It is a very common behavior for dogs that are dealing with storms, dealing with strangers and using modes of transport.

In such extreme conditions, animal specialists will advise the administration of medication that is given in the treatment of anxious behavior. For dogs that deal with daily bouts of anxiety, they will be given a daily prescription of medication.

There exist three types of anxiety medications for dogs.

  • Benzodiazepines, or BZs, like Valium, Xanax, or Ativan
  • Tricyclic antidepressants, or TCAs, such as Elavil or Tryptanol
  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, like Prozac or Paxil

 The drugs are however associated with different side effects which entail:

  • An increase of decrease in appetite.
  • Lethargy
  • Feelings of drowsiness, sleepiness, as well as sedation
  • Issues with learning as well as memory.
  • An increase in urination
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach issues
  • Being overly aggressive and anxious.

In addition to exhibiting various side effects, dogs at times do not show any response to treatment with the said drugs.

Can CBD Help Control Anxiety?


Cannabidiol has quite a number of medical benefits, research indicates that it works as an effective supplement for anxiety.

A group of American and Spanish researchers in 2015 conducted a study on the role of CBD in dealing with anxiety and anxious behavior.

The study included studies and these were both done on lab animals such as mice and rats. Other trials that were done included 15 experiments conducted on human beings.

The studies concluded that CBD produces anti-anxiety results and could enable the control of stress that is commonly associated with anxious behavior.

Once CBD is absorbed in the body system, it is welcomed by the bloodstream and it immediately works to stop the symptoms of anxiety.

The Endocannabinoid is an organic system that is found in every mammal which in other words means that dogs, as well as cats, have a similar response to CBD in the exact way humans do.

However, specialists have not come to a wholesome conclusion of how cannabidiol works to control the effects of anxiety.

Some specialists claim that Cannabidiol is able to control certain functions in the brain (referred to as 5-HT1A receptors), as is with just SSRIs such as Prozac or even Paxil.

They inhibit the absorption of serotonin which CBD works to increase in our brains. In addition to SSRIs, CBD is also capable of boosting serotonin receptors.

Boosting the serotonin functionality is very effective since it helps deal with anxiety and phobias. It also works to improve the mood in dogs.

Studies have indicated that CBD is capable of promoting a generation of neurons in a certain part of the brain which is essential in keeping recollections as well as controlling reasoning. Research has also indicated that CBD is responsible for the growth of brain cells.

It is quite important because, in human beings, the hippocampus is quite small for patients suffering from depression as well as anxiety.

Through the growth of fresh brain cells, CBD is able to control nervousness as well as the symptoms associated with it.

Luckily, CBD is not a prescription medicine, therefore it does not inhibit the working of other treatment drugs.

Some research indicates that CBD is capable of enhancing the working of other types of medications, for instance, those that work to relieve pain.

Using CBD to Control Anxiety in Dogs

Unluckily, research concerning CBD as well as the various ways it is used to treat anxiety is very minimal. Research is yet to become conclusive on the same.

It is important to note that Human beings and dogs show the same response to CBD.

There is a difference however because dog’s sensitivity to CBD is more than that of humans. This, therefore, means that dogs require a smaller dosage of CBD than humans do.

In the following phase, we shall take a look at the dosage required to treat the symptoms of anxiety in dogs. There are also a number of stories that indicate the effectiveness of CBD.

The following are the doses for CBD for dogs suffering from nervousness.

CBD Dosage for Dogs With Anxiety

The same way other medications and supplements require a measure, it also applies to CBD. It is, however, of paramount importance to remember that cannabidiol is considered organic and, in most cases, not capable of causing any harm when administered to a dog.

It happens to also be popular as a medication that is not capable of producing any harmful effects. It is always important to follow the basic guidelines for dosage as well as monitor the response of the dog to CBD.

In the administration of CBD, a couple of drops are enough every day. It should be placed on the tongue for faster absorption although it can also be combined with the dog’s meal.

It is quite important to note that Cannabidiol oil is not sweet and the dog might show some resistance in taking it.

If it is hard to give cannabidiol oil to the dog, you could consider CBD capsules or even treats, which are essential in disguising the taste of the oil.

It is important to keep in mind that the doses will be different in relation to the dog in terms of dimensions and breed. Dogs deal with anxiety in relation to these factors and the strength of the cannabidiol product used.

More information can be found on this page, read more here.

Have People Successfully Used CBD to Treat Anxiety in Dogs?

I introduced CBD to Rosie my dog, a couple of years ago. Luckily Rosie was not coping with anxiety.

CBD was administered to her for treatment of hip problems as well as cancerous symptoms. CBD is important for pets coping with issues such as anxiety.

For instance, there are individuals who use CBD to treat external factors such as loud noise and extreme fears.

Dog owners have given testimonies about how their dogs have become calmer when CBD was administered to them. They have also responded well to other types of training and therapies.

In the following page, we shall take a look at the testimonies of dog owners on their use of CBD. If you are interested in a full study on dogs and the success stories of CBD, there is one named Reese The Dobermann.

Reese is owned by my sister-in-law and was suffering from a bout of anxiety episodes. However, CBD came to her rescue and now she is doing quite well.

Check out her complete case study here.

This testimonial is from Hank the Great Dane

This screenshot is borrowed from

This breed of dog is known to be prone to nervousness and this was the case with Hank

Although his owners were reluctant to use CBD at first, they immediately received some good results just after 3 weeks of using it.

Hank was relaxed even more when administered with CBD and he showed fewer indications of being nervous. The owners are very impressed with the results they got from CBD.

The next dog we will look at is Lou.

This screenshot is borrowed from

Lou suffered from nervousness due to the moving from one house to the other.

When he was moved to a new house by his owners, he had a hard time relaxing. With the discovery of CBD, he calmed down completely.

Lastly, there is Julie.

This screenshot is borrowed from

The owner of this dog wrote to explain how her dog often suffered from traveling fears.

When they were taking long drives, the dog would completely break down due to nervousness. It was such a hurdle traveling with her. It was also very disturbing to the driver because she cried a lot during the travels.

When her owner began administering CBD on her, she is happy to give a report that she is calmer and happier these days.

The above testimonials are great as they show different aspects concerning anxiety in dogs.

These three dogs were beneficial in covering the different types of phobias that they experience since they are different breeds. Hank who experienced withdrawal nervousness to Lou who was not adapting to environmental changes and lastly Julie who was prone to travel phobias.

The three conditions were very different but CBD was very effective on them.

The Best CBD for Stress and Anxiety

In case your dog is suffering from bouts of anxiety, it is important to give Cannabidiol a shot.

Currently, I am advocating for two brands of Cannabidiol products: Holista pet as well as King Kanine.

Holista pet is known for the best CBD oils and other forms of treatment. For more information check their website on

King Kanine, stock CBD in natural ways such as balms and oils. Their oil is as CBD oil King Kalm CBD.

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