The use of collars remains an integral discussion among pet owners in the dog community.

What is the right collar for your dog? Is using a collar smart or is it a sign of abuse? There are varying opinions about this solution but the martingale collar aims to tackle this issue head-on. For late-night dog walkers, LED collars for dogs might be a better option.

Here’s a look at what the martingale collar offers, why it works, and the benefits of using one.

What is a Martingale Collar?

Martingale collars are designed to act as an adjustable harness around a dog’s neck.

In essence, it will tighten based on the situation and is not going to be choking the dog at any stage. To do this, the collar is made with two loops, which work in unison to make sure the dog is kept safe and under control at all times. This includes the first loop remaining adjustable as it sits around the dog’s neck, while the second loop is how you’re able to control the dog leash. As soon as a dog yanks on the leash, the first loop tightens (safely) around the dog’s neck. When the dog lets up, it immediately loosens back to its original state.

Benefits of a Martingale Collar

1) Ideal for Training Your Dog

The primary benefit is its ability to help with training.

Your dog isn’t going to be born with a set of skills and will have to be taught. This is the case with any species and is not going to change. As a result, you want to make sure the training sessions are as smooth as possible. However, in the past, a lot of dog owners would resort to challenging solutions that were in the “gray” area when it came to safety.

Over time, the dog industry has spent a lot of time on this part of the equation to determine what needs to be done to get the best of both worlds. In their bid to find a good solution, the martingale collar has started to grow in stature. This has a lot to do with how easy-going the collar is and how effective it can be with proper use. The collar isn’t tight around the dog’s neck but is going to build the connection of control that’s necessary for any training session. If you don’t have that control, the dog isn’t going to learn as easily.

by putting on a martingale collar, dog owners are able to get their pet to do more in a training session. This saves time and keeps things simple for both parties. It’s not just about satisfying the owner but also making sure the dog doesn’t feel uncomfortable while learning new skills.

2) Provides Control Over Your Dog

Certain breeds have wider necks, which makes it easy to keep them harnessed in place. However, the same cannot be said for breeds with smaller/longer necks as they don’t stick in a normal leash for long. They are able to wiggle their way out and that’s frustrating with younger puppies. You want to keep things heading in the right direction whether it’s for a walk or for a training session. To do this, you will enjoy using a martingale collar as it is made for the purpose of controlling any type of dog without hurting them.

As soon as you start to lose control over the dog, this collar is able to keep them in place.

Those natural adjustments made by the two loops is what you’re paying for and that’s what makes it a worthwhile investment. In the past, a lot of people were left scratching their heads as the dog would run away after getting loose. Now, they are not having to worry one bit because the martingale collar is able to get the job done. It never gets in the way of what you are doing and it is still able to maintain as much control as you need.

3) Softer Than A Choke Collar

In the past, it was common to see the use of choke collars and those have been proven as harsh solutions for controlling your pet. While it might seem like a reasonable option, it can do more harm than good with regards to a dog’s safety. In this case, it is a lot smarter to look at a more humane solution that is still able to provide results without causing harm. This is why the martingale collar has taken off and become such a prominent part of the dog industry. It does the same thing without choking the dog.

Imagine having a small puppy that is still active and wants to roam around without a leash. If a choke collar is put around its neck, this is going to cause a good amount of agony. Over time, the dog starts to develop with this mentality and that is not good for their quality of life. It is smarter to make use of something that is a minor reminder for the dog if they try to wiggle free. This allows them to stay safe and not get in trouble at the same time.

A choke collar or pinch collar is a thing of the past!

These are the main benefits of using a martingale collar and why so many dog owners are starting to keep on in their possession. It is far better than a choke collar, safe, and easier to use as a dog owner.


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