Have you ever seen a dog park after it rains? Not a pretty sight, is it? That is pretty much what a backyard might end up looking like after a wet day and a few doggy run-arounds; and add some digging, playing, rolling and racing to the mix for a guaranteed disaster. In extreme cases, you might even find yourself having to replant your grass, which can be difficult or down right impossible with dogs roaming around the yard while you are trying to make your new grass grow.

The solution to this potential problem is artificial grass, which eliminates the need for watering and general maintenance, and you will never have to plant a grass seed ever again! Less time spent managing the garden means more time for your dog, who is guaranteed to love you for it.

Easy to Keep it Clean

An artificial grass turf is an excellent alternative, and there are many realistic looking products available to choose from. It looks real and even feels real, but it comes with the massive benefit (and perhaps what attracts dog owners the most) of being easy to clean. Artificial grass can be hosed down to remove dirt, sand and dust, which will keep it looking flawless for many years to come. If your dogs use it to do their business – don’t worry, it won’t stain like real grass, number twos are easy to spot and pick up and it can be hosed with water to restore it to its former glory.

It is every dog owner’s dream to have a nice yard for their dogs to play around in, but it is easier said than don when dealing with deal grass, and the dream can quickly turn into something of a nightmare. With real grass; the length, mud and more can make it difficult to spot small “surprises” your dog may have left out for you, and nobody wants to accidentally step- or sit in that. An artificial turf is different, and you can spot what does not belong from far away, making it easy to remove it and keep the turf clean.

Great Grass All Year Round

Grass will often look less good during the fall and winter – especially if you live in an area with snow, since snow suffocates it. This means you will most likely have a yellow lawn for a couple of months every year, and in warm climates you might end up with a yard looking like a desert due to dry weather and heat. This is where artificial grass once again triumphs, as it looks the same all year no matter the weather, and you will always have nice and green grass outside your window.

Why Artificial Grass is Good for Dogs

You also don’t have to worry about your dog running wild outside, because even if they run back and forth one hundred times – the grass will still look fresh, green and full. This is especially beneficial in areas with extreme temperatures, where plants and grass may otherwise struggle to grow. Compare it to a quality artificial Christmas tree! Today, there are trees that look just like a real tree, but without leaving your home full of sap or pine needles; a one-time investment that can be reused year after year, and that requires minimal maintenance.

No Digging

It is very common for dogs to enjoy digging wherever they can, and whenever they can. This can make it hard to keep the yard looking nice, and you might come home to big holes making it look more like Mars than your once green and gorgeous garden. With an artificial turf, you eliminate the risk of your dog butchering it while you are away, as it would be both hard and unattractive for a dog to take a swing at artificial grass.

If your dog loves digging and you feel you would like to give him or her the opportunity to do it, you can always teach them to dig in an assigned area where you either leave some real grass or place a small sandbox in which they may dig if they feel the sudden urge. One thing is for sure – artificial grass makes sure that you never again have to come home to a ruined lawn.

Less Fleas & Ticks

These nasty little bugs are a nightmare for any dog owner, and they tend to hide and thrive in tall grass and unkempt corners of the yard. With artificial grass, you take the ideal living situation away from ticks and fleas; replacing it with plastic grass where they are unlikely to want to live or even hang around. This means that a dog that spends time in a yard with artificial grass runs less of a risk of getting fleas, compared to a dog living in a yard (or spending time in a yard) with real grass. Fleas and ticks are gross, can spread disease and are hard to get rid of, so this is a big plus for both owner and dog.

More Time with Your Dog

There are many reasons why artificial grass is beneficial in a household where there are dogs, and why it is great for a dog owner. A fake turf is, however, also awesome for the dog! Why? Because with something that gives you less work, less worry and less of a headache, there is suddenly a lot more time for playing and having fun with your dog! Your pup may not care whether they rip up a real-grass yard or if they make holes where they are not supposed to, but they do care about the quality time they get to spend with you!

All that time you would have spent watering the yard, planting new grass seeds, cursing over having stepped in doggy waste and filling dug-up holes can instead be spent playing with your dog; learning new tricks or just hanging out together – all thanks to making the switch from real grass and to an artificial grass turf.

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